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A New Chapter


Infertility, career change, new wants and desires and no fear in letting go of what’s not making me feel empowered. I can’t be the only one out there praying for transition with open arms. This is 40. Embracing who I am at all costs.

The best thing I've done to teach people it's not okay to ask why you don't have kids.

Stop Asking

More sex, more nudity, more sleep. You heard me right. I'm feeling forty ya'll!

More is More

Art and quotes always encourage me to embrace this new journey.

Keep Going


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Living in California really lets us utilize our outdoor spaces. Get inspired now!

Patio Party

A style is another way to express yourself. Check out my favorite trends here.

Dressing Dapper

These design spaces get my creative juices flowing! Looking for creative design ideas?

Delicious Design


Did You Know?

  1. I'm obsessed with my Kindle

  2. The stairclimber is my favorite workout
  3. Minimalism inspires me


    I love rainstorms

If your'e good at something don't do it for free. Let me help you launch your brand!


The best way to learn about someone is through their playlists, enjoy!


20 Years in Los Angeles makes for a lot of photos. Be sure to check out my yearly shoot.



I figured out how to be selfish and giving at the same time. 

As a child, I showed a great interest in fashion magazines. My parents saw that as an interest in modeling. Years later, after a decade of being in front of the camera, I discovered the real fascination had always been with the images and not the clothes.


Being a child of the system I wasn't fortunate enough to have baby pictures. After becoming a photographer I became obsessed with capturing special moments for families. I always say you don't know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.


In a way, I'm being selfish because I know I'm doing these kids a favor. Not the parents, the kids! I'm creating scenarios I wish that I had experienced. 


What I'm giving is irreplaceable and priceless, so at the end of the day they win.

Montel Williams

Family Reunion

1Mil Views

This is what started it all! 2 Months

after this I moved to Los Angeles. The rest is her-story!

DIY Vinyl Record Dividers


Are you into music? Collect vinyl? Check out this easy DIY video on creating dividers for your records!

The Search  for Bio- Family


This is a real behind the scenes look at what it's like to search for your biological family.

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