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Yes, we've all gone through our metamorphosis and have had to reinvent ourselves a million times. Today's difference is, it's all captured online and we can use it as a tool! Online you are your brand and if used correctly the possibilities are endless. 


I've compiled ALL of the information I could possibly think of and created a workbook to help you get started. Did you notice the word 'workbook', good! You have to do the work, but at least now you have a step-by-step guide to get it done!

Let me walk with you through the process. Whether you're a professional with a 9-5 or the next big blogger or product entrepreneur, your online presence is where it all starts. 


If you've done it before or have the experience, great! It's nothing you already don't know. IT'S THE BEST CHECKLIST YOU'LL EVER LAY HANDS ON! That I can guarantee! 


How much time do we waste organizing all the things we need to do to launch or refresh our brands' look? Too much! This will help you get straight to the work!

Set Goals


Identify Weaknesses​

Creating Consistency

Building Content

Discover Your Viewer


Developing Your Brand​


Spreading The Word

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. 

- Henry David Thoreau

I was helping people so much I decided to go freelance with it. Someone told me, "You're too good to be doing this for free". And so are you!

-Tameka Jacobs

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