Memory Lane


Anytime I think about my modeling days I just start laughing to myself! Let me say, I'm very grateful that we didn't have social media yet! I was very grateful for meeting so many amazing people and locations. Man! I was so much smaller than I am now, what the heck? We all feel that way though I'm sure. Age is something else, isn't it! Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Deal or No Deal 

What a whirlwind time of life! The Deal days were some of the best and also most trying moments for me. Hair and makeup, fancy dresses, high heels, and fancy dinners. 28 Models, cliques, comradery, and catfights! Howie was awesome, and no - We didn't get to keep the dresses (one of the most asked questions). These days I only stay in contact with a few of the ladies: Kasie Head, Amanza Smith, Aubrie Lemon and Pilar Lastra to name a few.


My Life

I seriously can't complain. Looking back at old photos can really bring things into a clear space. All the hair changes, laughter, and adventure we get to experience are just insane, aren't they?


Hopefully, you can see that I don't like to take myself too seriously. I adore bright lipstick and like most other women, can't decide on a hairstyle or color. Find me on Instagram for more! @TamekaTalks 


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